Easy Steps to Make Recipe Teriyaki SPAM Rice Bowl that is Delicious, Perfect}

Easy Steps to Make Recipe Teriyaki SPAM Rice Bowl that is Delicious, Perfect}

  • Hiroko Liston
  • Hiroko Liston
  • Nov 15, 2021

Again looking for a teriyaki spam rice bowl recipe that is interesting? How to make it easy. If wrong processing then the result is in fact tends to be unpleasant. Whereas the delicious teriyaki spam rice bowl should has aroma and taste that can provoke everyone’s taste.

{ There are many little things that can affect the taste quality of teriyaki spam rice bowl, start from the type of ingredients, then selection of fresh ingredients and good, until how to process and serve. No need dizzy if want prepare teriyaki spam rice bowl delicious as long as you know the trick and how to make this dish able be treat special.

Ingredients and seasonings required in prepare
  1. Prepare 110 g SPAM *I used 1/3 of a can
  2. Use 1 Egg
  3. Prepare Salad Vegetables OR Green Vegetables
  4. Prepare *e.g. Lettuce, Cucumber, cooked Broccoli, cooked Asparagus, Baby Spinach, etc
  5. Prepare 1 serving Cooked Rice *warmed
  6. Prepare Japanese Mayonnaise
  7. Prepare Shichimi (Japanese Chilli Spice Mix)
  8. Prepare Toasted Sesame Seeds
  9. Use Sauce
  10. Take 1 teaspoon Sugar
  11. Prepare 1 teaspoon Mirin
  12. Prepare 1 teaspoon Soy Sauce
  13. Use 1 teaspoon grated Ginger

Cover the nori seaweed with the mold. Add a thin layer of rice in the mold, then top it with SPAM or an egg—layer more rice on top of the SPAM/egg mixture. Heat a large wok over medium high heat with olive oil. Add the soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, and honey.

How to make Teriyaki SPAM Rice Bowl:
  1. Combine all the sauce ingredients in a small bowl.
  2. Cook Egg as you like. You can use a boiled Egg. The easiest method is cook it in a small frying pan, before you cook SPAM, into sunny-side up or scrambled.
  3. Cut SPAM into bite-size pieces. Cook in a small non-stick frying pan over medium low heat until nicely browned all over. Use paper towel to remove excess oil.
  4. Add the sauce and combine.
  5. Half fill a bowl with warm Cooked Rice and cover it with Vegetables of your choice, Egg and SPAM. Sprinkle with some Shichimi (Japanese Chilli Spice Mix) and Toasted Sesame Seeds. Add some Japanese Mayonnaise if you like it. *Note: I drizzled some Soy Sauce over the Egg.
  6. Done and ready to serve!

Bring the mixture up to a simmer. Take a slice of the spam and fit it into the tin. Gather the excess cling wrap and press it down firmly to form its shape. Pull out the cling wrap together with the spam rice block. Transfer the spam rice block onto a strip of nori (rice side up) and fold it tightly.

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