Simple Way Make Recipe Blondie's Sausage Stroganoff that is Awesome, So Delicious}

Simple Way Make Recipe Blondie's Sausage Stroganoff that is Awesome, So Delicious}

  • msblondie83
  • msblondie83
  • Oct 26, 2021

You are looking for a blondie's sausage stroganoff recipe that is appetizing? How to prepare it not too difficult. If wrong processing then the result is in fact tends to be unpleasant. Whereas the delicious blondie's sausage stroganoff should had aroma and taste that can provoke everyone’s taste.

{ There are many little things that can affect the taste quality of blondie's sausage stroganoff, start from the type of ingredients, then selection of fresh ingredients and good, until how to make and serv it. No need dizzy if want to prepare blondie's sausage stroganoff which is delicious as long as you know the trick and how to make this dish you can be treat special.

Ingredients and seasonings used for prepare
  1. Use 1 Turkey sausage links
  2. Prepare 8 oz tomato sauce
  3. Use 16 sour cream (I use light)
  4. Take 3 tbsp flour
  5. Use 8 mushrooms, sliced
  6. Use 8 oz water
  7. Use 1 large diced onion
  8. Use 1 beef bouillon cube (or equivalent granules)

A very simple, economical, quick to prepare and tasty dish. You can cook sausages or cooked sausage. It is much tastier than it may seem at first glance! Melt the butter in a skillet.

Step by step to make Blondie's Sausage Stroganoff:
  1. Cut sausage into bite size pieces. Brown sausage in skillet.
  2. I like more meat, so I usually double the sausage.
  3. Remove pan from heat and toss sausage with flour (to coat).
  4. Add mushroom, onion, tomato sauce, beef granules and water. Heat to boil.
  5. I prefer to simmer the mushrooms separately in a little white wine or butter before adding to sauce. (Just be sure to drain any remaining liquid before adding to sauce). You can also substitute jar/canned mushrooms for fresh.
  6. Reduce heat, and cover. Simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  7. Remove from heat and slowly stir in sour cream, until orange/peach in color. You can use more or less, depending on your tastes. Salt and pepper to taste.
  8. I usually serve over Brown rice, but white, or egg noodles would be good too.
  9. Done and ready to serve!

Recipe courtesy of Bob Evans® via AllRecipes "This easy classic is based on the usual beef stroganoff, but is made more flavorful using sausage.". Sausage Stroganoff recipe: A quick and easy meal. Serve with mashed potato or rice. Sausage Stroganoff is a budget-friendly main meal that is very easy to prepare. Sausages are browned and combined with onion, bacon, garlic.

how is this? Easy isn’t it? That’s the prepare blondie's sausage stroganoff that you try it at home. Hope it’s useful and good luck!