Simple Way Make Recipe Refreshing Apple & Peach Smoothie😀 that is Really Delicious, Appealing}

Simple Way Make Recipe Refreshing Apple & Peach Smoothie😀 that is Really Delicious, Appealing}

  • Mrs AK
  • Mrs AK
  • Sep 5, 2021

Again looking for a refreshing apple & peach smoothie😀 recipe that is interesting? How to prepare it not difficult. If wrong processing then the result is not delicious. Whereas the delicious refreshing apple & peach smoothie😀 should has aroma and taste that can provoke everyone’s taste.

{ There are many little things that can affect the taste quality of refreshing apple & peach smoothie😀, first from the type of ingredients, next selection of fresh ingredients and good, until how to process and serv it. No need dizzy if want prepare refreshing apple & peach smoothie😀 delicious as long as you know the trick and how to make this dish able become serving special.

Ingredients and seasonings required in make
  1. Prepare Red Apple (1)
  2. Prepare Peach (1)
  3. Prepare Yogurt (1/2 cup)
  4. Prepare Milk (1 cup)
  5. Prepare Ice cubes as required

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Instructions to cook Refreshing Apple & Peach Smoothie😀:
  1. In a juicer add chopped apples, and peach. Then add yogurt, milk and ice cubes. Now process well until thick consistency is formed. Serve cold. Enjoy.
  2. Done and ready to serve!

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